Injuries Suck!

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m not the type of runner who complains about injuries, I usually just get on with it as normal and try not to worry about it but when youre training to run 100km in a foreign land with all the expense that goes with travelling to Australia any injury is a massive worry.

My problem is that I set huge goals in terms of distance, I’m capable of running a very long way but when you add a heavy pack into the equation carrying 2.5 litres of fluid, clothes & food then the risk of injury is huge.

After my 34 mile run on the 15th Jan I was aware of a pain in my lower left leg that I’d felt before – 12 months ago I had severe ligament damage to the same leg which forced me to quit running for a few weeks. That was fine because I had no races planned but this year is different. Entering the North Face is not like entering a local 10k.

So the following week I carried on with my usual 6 mile lunch runs trying to ignore the pain coming from my leg, each day it got worse & worse and I started to get very worried .  Eventually the pain was so bad that I was forced to stop and admit I needed to rest.

Rest is not something I do easily – I’m hyper & energetic by nature so any rest (especially from running) is a massive downer and I dont deal with it well but I forced myself to take 10 days off from running. I could still cycle to work so was not too worried about fitness but lunchtimes became seriously dull!

Anyway last Monday (after 10 days rest) I ran along the canal towpath a couple of times, then did a gentle road run & both felt good so yesterday I went out and ran 23.3 miles along hilly trails.

No more injury!

My plan is to keep off tarmac as much as possible, keep my lunchtime run pace down & be as careful as a hyper person can be…


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