Sunday 12th February 2012

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Basingstoke Canal Towpath – 32.2 miles in 5 hrs 7 mins

Today I chose to join two friends for a flat run along the Basingstoke Canal towapth. Ian (@runningokinuk) is training for the London marathon and wanted to run 18 miles, Brian (@bsmithy100) is training for an ultra in a couple of months time and wanted run around 16 miles. They both live around 10 miles from me so the plan was for them to run towards me and when we met they would turn round to run back. Brian and I met on mile 5 and then we met Ian on mile 8. Brian then turned off to head home sometime later whilst Ian and I pushed on.

It was a very cold morning with temperatures as low as minus 2 degrees, the canal was frozen and there was deep snow along some sections of the path. This made the run hard in places but great fun. Running in snow is amazing because not only does everything look beautiful but you have to concentrate hard on the run itself. One slip or trip could result in a serious injury so concentration is key.

When we arrived at Ian’s half way marker we turned around and headed back along the same route, Ian turned off the path after 18  miles and I carried on towards home.

Despite the cold it was a fun morning with plenty of banter and chat between all three of us and for me it made a change to run on the flat rather than the hilly terrain of the previous week.


You can view the route here….


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