Sunday 19th February 2012

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ultra Running in the Surrey Hills – 29.1 miles in 4 hrs 42 mins

So after last weeks flat canal run I decided that I needed to head back into my favourite training area of the wonderful North Downs & Surrey Hills.

What made today different however is that I decided to cycle from my house in Woking to the start of the North Downs path. This is because my recent injury has been caused by running on tarmac wearing a heavy pack so it made sense to add some cross training into the day with a gentle 8 mile bike ride before & after the run.

The run itself was fairly standard in terms of route because it’s a route I’ve run before and is also a favourite of mine on the mountain bike but one thing I noticed today was my stamina level compared to a similar run in January. I ran the 29 miles non-stop over challenging terrain and is something I’ve never done before which is a great feeling and fills me with confidence.

You can check out my route here..


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