Saturday 25th February 2012

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Ultra Running in the Surrey Hills – 33.3 miles in 5 hrs 30 mins

For the last 3 months all of my training runs in the Surrey Hills have been solo so it was a good feeling to know that today I would be joined by a good friend of mine on todays run. Dan is a keen mountain biker and him and I have spent many days riding around my local area but because my training weekends are so focussed on running the mountain bike has had to take a temporary back seat until after the race in May.

The day started early at 9am, the weather was perfect and I got to hitch a lift in Dan’s car rather than me having to cycle into Guildford. The North Downs Way long distance path is my favourite staring point for any long hill run so we chose one of the tourist car parks just outside the town as a starting point.

I was feeling incredibly fit and focussed today plus I’ve also lost some weight too so I felt light on my feet when the ascent of St Martha’s Hill began. St Martha’s is legendary with runners in this area because of it ridiculous gradient and sandy path. The church at the top & views of the Surrey Hills make it all worth it but for me there was no time to stop today – I was only on mile 4!

The next 30 miles basically followed Dan & I’s favourite MTB route along the North Downs Way before dropping into the valley near Dorking and running up into the Surrey Hills. This is where the run started to get tough, I made the accents of Leith Hill (958 ft), Holmbury Hill (880 ft) & Pitch Hill (850 ft) before heading back towards Guildford and running up St Martha’s again.

What was so surprising about today was the energy I still had left in the tank at mile 31, Dan was clearly tired and decided to head back to the car park I however decided that one more climb was achievable so I made my up to Pewley Down which overlooks Guildford, once at the top I turned round to retrace my steps and headed back to the car park where Dan was waiting for me.

I ate an awful lot of food today starting with a huge bowl of cold pasta at 6am which is not to everyone’s taste I know but it really works for me. I then munched on Maxifuel Viper Boost & Viper Active bars every hour and used a couple of Maxifuel Viper Boost gels towards the end to give me the kick I needed to get up St Martha’s again and the final climb of the day.

Todays run was the best yet and has filled me with so much confidence of running 100km in May. Its taken me many hours of hard training to get to this fitness level but it’s so worth it when you finish a 33 mile trail run and feel good at the end.


The full route and stats are here –


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