Saturday 3rd March 2012

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

A very hard day – 31 miles in 5 hrs 19 mins 

I’m not going to say too  much about todays run because it wasnt particularly pleasant but I’m still pleased with what I’ve achieved.

Basically I set off late in the morning on my bike, it was a 7 mile ride into Guildford where I locked my bike at one of the tourist car parks on the North Downs Way. I had decided to reverse my usual training route which I knew would be tough because of the gradients but I wanted to start pushing myself harder now its only 2.5 months until the race.

As soon as I set off I knew something was wrong, my legs felt tired, my head felt tired and I was lacking that exciting feeling I usually get when I set off on a long run. This just got worse and worse and all sorts of negatives started to pollute my mind. I couldn’t work out was wrong with me today, I knew that I’d done a lot of cycling into head winds on my Mon-Fri cycle commute but that never has any impact on the weekends running.

Anyway I dug deep and pushed on running up & down Pitch, Holmbury & Leith Hill stopping to walk frequently. The whole time I was waiting for the ‘running buzz’ to kick in but it never came.

At mile 22 I was really struggling so decided to eat two gels in a row which turned out to be the worst thing I could have done. I’m not going to go into detail but I suffered the most horrendous stomach cramps I’ve ever had on a run and no matter how hard I tried I had to divert into the bushes to allow nature to take its course – and what a relief!

Moving on >>

I set off again along the North Downs Way still tired but thankfully with no pain anymore. I was running out of daylight by this time so I tried to keep my pace fast but steady. It was at this point a friend of mine came cycling past on his mountain bike. He was heading towards Guildford so said he would ride the last 6 miles with me to the car park where my bike was and then ride home with me. I’d realised I’d forgotten to pack my front light so he said he would ride in front until I got to mine.

Today was not a pleasant day but I’m pleased that I’ve managed to run 31 miles under very difficult circumstances. Lets hope I don’t have a another day like this again.

Here is todays route –

  1. plustenner says:

    well done you! such an inspiration that you kept going and then even cycled home too.. can’t even bgin to imagine running tjat kind of mileage

  2. Amusing gel story (although probably not for you). All the best for a good run in for the latter stages of training for the Oz 100

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