Friday 6th April 2012

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hill training  – St Martha’s Hill Guildford

Last week I got chatting about training with my boss at work who has run the ‘North Face Mont Blank 100’. He said that I clearly have the stamina & legs for hours of running but suggested I should up my training by reducing the mileage and concentrating on some hill work for a change. His suggestion was to run up & down a steep hill until your legs can’t take anymore and carry as much weight on your back as you can. The thought behind this training is if I can run/fast trek up hills during training then on race day it wont feel so bad.

So this is what I put into my pack….6 litres of water plus clothing and food.

Its worth noting that I cycled 8 miles with this on my back to get to the start of my run. It was extremely uncomfortable because the pack is not designed for cycling but I knew once the run was over I could empty the bottles and enjoy a more comfortable ride home.

As soon as I set off on the run I thought to myself how on earth will I be able to run/fast trek with this weight on my back but to my surprise once I was at the top of St Martha’s my legs felt ok. After catching my breath it was then a fast run down the other side to find the start of the Downs Link path which is a long distance path & disused railway between Guildford & Shoreham in Sussex. This then took me to the start of the hardest climb back up to St Martha’s – I recorded my first ascent here…

So basically I spent 2 hrs & 20 minutes running up & down this gaining 3238ft in altitude and 10.5 miles in the process then after that I cycled home. It was hard work but worth it …..


You can see the full stats and route here…

  1. cmmercer says:

    Tim, that’s an amazing achievement. I remember that hill vividly just hoisting my own bodyweight up it. To spend hours with a laden backpack doing it is pretty super human 🙂

  2. Thanks Chris, its amazing what plugging in your phones with new beats and digging deep can do! 😉

  3. Just Plod It says:

    I hate that hill at St Martha’s it’s a killer! awesome training session – well done!!

  4. hokaau says:

    that’s a good boss!

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