About Me

I am a 40-year-old who literally fell into running around 3 years ago. I was putting on weight due to a change of employment so I decided to do something about it. Up until this time my life had been spent riding mountain bikes for fun and I’d never really thought about running.

Each morning I would run a 3 mile circuit near to my place of work which had increased to 5 miles within a matter of weeks. I realised that I was pretty good at this newly found exercise regime so I started to run at the weekends too with the hope of training myself to half marathon distance. This didnt take long to achieve and I started to wonder just how far I could run?

Then one day some months later during a 28 degree day I ran into London from my home via the canal and River Thames path and ran a ridiculous distance of 34 miles in around 7.5 hours – and suddenly I was an ‘ultra runner’!

Within a further few months I had run a double marathon and then in May 2011 I ran my first 100 miler (in 25.5 hours)  along the coastal path in North Devon UK.

In May 2012 I ran The North Face 100 Australia in a time of 15:36 getting me a bronze buckle belt. I am returning in May 2013 to attempt a sub 14 hour run with the hope of bagging a silver buckle belt.

This blog will focus on my training, thoughts, music and highs and lows leading up to the event.

Email – timrunsthenf100@hotmail.co.uk


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